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Network News 13 February 2013
4th GFI Fructinale 2013 brings much that is new

Last year many friends of our fresh food markets sadly remarked on the absence of the GFI Fructinale. But it was not gone for ever. On the evening of 6 February 2013 the Who’s Who of the fruit trade again gathered in Marheineke retail market hall, Berlin-Kreuzberg, to relax and engage in some pleasant, healthy networking.

For the 4th Fructinale 2013 some changes had been made. For example, GFI decided against lengthy single-star performances and reserved more time for mingling and chatting. A number of smaller show acts provided the evening’s entertainment. The food selection was larger than before: more than 25 restaurant chefs and traders at the market hall prepared exclusive delicacies to ensure that none of the guests went hungry. Another new feature: for the first time the gallery was opened to GFI’s guests. An art-lovers group from Berlin-Kreuzberg uses the space throughout the year to exhibit works by national and international artists.

It has become a tradition to make the presentation of the GFI Buddy Bears to friends and partners of the association the climax of the evening. The coveted trophies are artistic, one-off designs, and for the first time one was awarded in the “Street market” category.

Uwe Kluge, chairman of the GFI board, was delighted that everything had gone so well: “Despite stiff competition from other events, more than 350 people answered our call to freshness. As hosts, we were glad to be able to repeat our message - freshness, variety, quality and skills - with conviction and in close contact with our audience.”


Winners of Buddy Bear awards (from left to right):
» For “Commitment in the Street Market Trade”: Heiner Kreuels, flower seller at a street market and board member of the street market association “Gemeinsam Handeln e.V.” – laudation by GFI board member Peter Joppa
» For the “Best Firm at a Wholesale Market”: Rüdiger Lenk from wholesaler and importer Rolf Oertel Großhandel & Import – laudation by the managing director of Leipzig Wholesale Market, Matthias Zimmermann
» For “Fruitful cooperation”: Dirk Allerding from the Fruit Trade Initiative – laudation by GFI board member Andreas Foidl

Throughout the evening a duo from Berlin, Bernd Bangel (guitar) and Simone Kotowski (vocals and melodica) provided a pleasant musical accompaniment with their interpretations of well-known pieces (left). Edible delights from the chefs (right).

GFI sponsoring member ITC promotion contributed a shoe shine stand to the Fructinale (left). Two of the “shoe shine boys” were conjurers, who entertained the guests with some astonishing tricks (right).

The “Voicebusters” got the audience in the mood with their show (left). “Come, mister tally man, tally me banana ...”: Hajo Broich from Chiquita was visibly touched when the a cappella group from Hamburg sang the Banana Boat Song especially for him (right).

About the Fructinale
The first GFI Fructinale was held in 2009 and is the largest private platform for the trade at the Fruit Logistica. The Who’s Who of the fresh produce trade, composed of committed small or medium sized growers, wholesalers, specialist retailers and gastronomic enterprises gathers in Berlin’s only market hall. The mix of entertainment, fresh food, networking and unusual location makes this event quite unique.

Since 2011 the event has been held every other year. The trade is now looking forward to the 5th GFI Fructinale in 2015.

Photo credits: Visionis - Bernhard von Schröder (1-6, 8-10), Fruchthandelmagazin (7)

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