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Mehr! Theater at the Wholesale Market

Why don’t we use the huge space at the Wholesale Market hall to present fresh cultural goods as well as fruit and vegetables? Mehr! Entertainment has an answer to that. In close cooperation with Hamburg’s municipal government Mehr! Entertainment has fully integrated a three-level theatre offering a total floor space of 6,000 m² into the Wholesale Market. This new events location points the way forward and reflects the cultural diversity in the city of Hamburg. The Mehr! Theater at the Wholesale Market is something of a “quick-change artist” that adapts to theatrical productions, musicals, shows, events, rock and pop, classical concerts or exhibitions.

The industrial charm of Hamburg Wholesale Market gives this new theatre a flair quite different from the atmosphere in traditional houses. Thanks to the clean lines and open plan structure with ceilings rising up to 20 metres above floor level, the audience has a view of the market hall’s characteristic arches of prestressed concrete. Spectators are drawn straight into the world of this visionary Hamburg theatre, which offers all one could wish for from a special evening of live entertainment.

The auditorium seats up to 2,400; when set out with a combination of standing room and seating, the capacity rises to 3,500. Depending on the show, the stage can expand from 320 m² to 1,440 m²; from traditional layouts to theatre in the round, all types of production can be accommodated.

Okay then: sit back and enjoy the show!


LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – Grand opening on 7th March 2015 with the London Symphony Orchestra, one of the world’s leading symphony orchestras, conducted by Gianandrea Noseda.

WE WILL ROCK YOU – The original musical by Queen and Ben Elton with the cult band’s 21 greatest hits on its first appearance in Hamburg.

DIRTY DANCING – Hamburg audiences are wowed by this excellent new production of the original show on its live tour.

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