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  GHVG – Hamburg Wholesale Market Administrative Cooperative

Representatives of the market firms: GHVG

The GHVG, Großmarkt Hamburg Verwaltungs-Genossenschaft e.G., represents the common interests of 97 percent of the traders at the wholesale market.

The GHVG is, for example, responsible for accepting used transport packaging as stipulated in section 4 of Germany’s packaging regulations.

On behalf of the Wholesale Market for Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers it renders the state corporation following services:
» Cleaning the wholesale market floor areas
» Disposal of perishable goods, packaging materials and other waste
» Cleaning toilets/restrooms, windows and indoor areas (not facility interior)
» Doorkeeper services
» Clearing ice and snow (winter services)
(This does not apply to the space allocated to the flower wholesale market traders’ association)

In addition to these routine tasks the GHVG regularly supports the Wholesale Market’s marketing work by donating fruit and arranging for people to take part in specials such as Zespri promotions and street market anniversaries.

On 21.08.2006 the GHVG was awarded the title “Hamburg Ökoprofit Betrieb 2006” for its environment-friendly operating mode. Thanks to its voluntary environmental certificate the GVG was also made a member of the City of Hamburg’s Environment Partnership.


Auf der Brandshofer Schleuse / Bürogebäude Schleuse (East Gate)
20097 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 – 33 06 17
Fax: 040 – 30 38 06 87
Opening hours of the reception point at East Gate (Brandshofer Schleuse, tel. 040-78 07 26 44) for transport packaging and perishable goods
Mondays to Fridays
0 a.m. to 2 p.m.
3 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Executive Board

Hans Joachim Conrad (Chairman)
Jörn Reimers
Ralf Albers
Silke Hauschildt

Supervisory Board Chairman
Dr. Philip Fischer

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