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  EZG – Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Growers’ Association

From the region – for the region: EZG

The members are small and mid-sized family enterprises. All of them come from the countryside around Hamburg, where they cultivate the land in Moorwerder, Vierlande, Marschlande and Altes Land – areas that the city-dwellers like to visit for recreation. And they bring their freshly-grown fruit, vegetables and flowers to sell at Hamburg Wholesale Market.

The EZG provides its members with sales stands in aisle A of the Wholesale Market hall. The member growers are allocated space according to their requirements. The growers sell their locally produced fruit, vegetables and flowers, packed in environment-friendly crates for which a deposit is charged, directly to retailers, restaurants, street markets, canteen kitchens and ships’ chandlers.

Our strengths

» Guaranteed freshness at reasonable rates straight from the grower
» A very large variety and instant availability
» Service that caters to individual wishes
» Customers buy the produce in crates which they return to collect their deposit
» This saves disposal costs of non-reusable packaging


Erzeugergemeinschaft Obst, Gemüse u Blumen eG
Banksstraße 28, Großmarkthalle Gang A
20097 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 – 33 62 83
Fax: 040 – 89 00 77 66
Executive Board

Heiner Wischendorff (Chairman)
Tobias Haack (Deputy)
Matthias Bahn
Jürgen Burmester
Carsten Meyer
Supervisory Board
Uwe Ehlers (Chairman)

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