wholesale market

Five Continents under One Roof

Whether someone wants crunchy apples from “next-door’s garden” – i.e. Hamburg’s local growing areas called Altes Land, Vierlande and Marschlande – or asparagus, lettuces and cabbages from North German fields, juicy oranges from Spain or exotic kakis from far away, he will find whatever his heart desires in the imposing hall of the wholesale market. The range of goods is staggering, not just for the number of countries produce comes from, but also for the vast number of varieties; 50 different kinds of apple alone jostle for buyers’ attention. Goods are always in season at the wholesale market, where aromas, fragrances and colours of every description and provenance come together in an earthly paradise of freshness.

» Full range of fresh produce
» Fresh products from local growers
» Controlled organic produce from domestic growers
» Imports from all over the world
» Other supplies such as spices, indulgence products, tobacco etc.

Fruit and vegetables
» Fruit, vegetables, citrus and tropical fruits
» Potatoes
» Mushrooms, berries, herbs
» Salad leaves, sprouts, dressings
» Nuts
» Dried fruits
» Asparagus straight from the grower
» Packaging

» Dairy produce
» Bakery products
» Delicatessen products
» Mediterranean specialities
» International specialities
» Dried goods
» Tea
» Non-alcoholic beverages
» Wines and spirits
» Quality assured organic produce
» Eco-products
» Catering supplies
» Other supplies such as spices and
» indulgence products etc.
  Flowers and plants
» Bedding and patio plants
» Potted and ornamental plants
» Seedlings
» Cut flowers and shrubs
» Pine/fir twigs
» Decorative articles
» Horticultural supplies
» Wreath binding
» Wholesale Market of Flowers

Service facilities
» Food laboratory
» Banana ripening facility
» Fork-lift and low-floor vehicles servicing
» Waste disposal

  partners and sponsors
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